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The OXE Diesel, has received Type Approval from China Classification Society (CCS)

The CCS approval is key to meeting our targets for the vast Chinese market, with this now in place we can accelerate on our plans for this market which is one of the largest growing outboard markets in the world.”, says Andreas Blomdahl, CEO, Cimco Marine AB.  The OXE Diesel range have over a longer period undertaken extensive product tests, rigours sea trials, production as well as drawing and material approvals to obtain the final Type Approval from China Classification Society (CCS). I am pleased that our OXE Diesel engines are now type approved by the China Classification Society. It is an important step for our Asian distributors as it opens up an extensive segment in the commercial market”, says Christer Flodman, Product Manager, Cimco Marine AB.  The CCS Type approval includes intended use for Boats, Yachts and Ships at Inland, Coastal and Offshore installations and opens a wide possibility in the commercial market. Original article from:

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