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Cimco announces the appointment of Ralf Losch as Sales Director

Ralf Losch started his position on June 24, 2019. He brings more than 20 years of technical sales experience and has an extraordinary track-record of extracting value from markets through organizing sales of diesel engines into markets including commercial marine, oil and gas, naval/governmental, workboat etc.

Ralf has a broad experience from exploring new markets for existing products and launching new products to existing markets with great success. His background is dominated by sales and business development functions. Ralf has the right skills and experience to meet Cimco Marine AB sales targets and broaden OXE diesel market appeal, says Myron Mahendra, CFO and VP, Cimco Marine AB.

“The company has developed a sought after product and is still continuing to develop and extend its product range. I look forward to making a positive contribution and, together with management and employees, to achieve the long term objectives of the company in the high powered diesel outboard segment,” says Ralf Losch, appointed Sales Director at Cimco Marine AB.

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