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The OXE 300 is a BI-turbo configuration that provides its full 680Nm of torque at the crankshaft already at 1750rpm, at 1000rpm the engine provides over 500Nm at the crankshaft.


These are torque numbers that are previously unheard of in the outboard industry and that provides end-user massive bollard pulling power as well as fast whole shot acceleration.

To meet commercial customer demands the OXE Diesel has been designed with ease of maintenance and service in mind. All service points for daily maintenance checks are located in the front of the engine to make service and maintenance as easy and straight forward, even in the harshest of conditions.

The L6 twin turbo engine and the specially designed gearbox of the OXE 300 has been tested in laboratory, DYNO-cell and on water to withstand the increased torque and power delivered.

The OXE 300 significantly reduces the emissions compared to petrol fueled outboard standards. Based on performance tests, the OXE 300 consumes up to 40% less fuel compared to a 300 hp petrol fueled outboard. Carbon dioxide are reduced by more than 35%, carbon monoxide by more than 99% and combined hydrocarbons and NOx by more than 70%. This reduction significantly contributes to a reduced environmental impact. The reduced fuel consumption and increased efficiency also increase the operational range with 60%.

The primary customers for the OXE 300 are Governmental, Transportation, Search and Rescue and other applications with high load and speed demands.


Technical data - OXE 300

Engine type:                                                                 Diesel, L4

Displacement:                                                             3.0 L

Intake:                                                                          Turbocharged, inter-cooled

Torque:                                                                         680 Nm at 1750 rpm

Power:                                                                         300 HP at 4400 rpm

Fuel:                                                                             Diesel
                                                                                     EN 590, ASTM D 975 No.1
                                                                                     No.2. JIS KK2204, F54 & F75

Weight:                                                                        395 kg

Alternator output:                                                      180 Amp

Rig length:                                                                  25” or 33”

Cooling:                                                                       Closed cooling circuit

Starting:                                                                      Electric

Steering:                                                                     Electronic Power Steering

Shiſt:                                                                            CANbus, Electro-hydraulic

Clutch:                                                                         Hydraulic multi-friction plate

Gear ratios:                                                                1.59:1 and 2.37:1

Dimensions (25” leg),LHW                                        XL, 1443x1900x700mm, 

                                                                                     XXL. 11

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